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eWay CRM Amazing Outlook Integration

Your Business at your fingertips

eWay-CRM integrates completely into Microsoft Outlook and works in 2003/2007/2010 and Outlook 2013. The system has been designed from the outset to integrate 100% with Outlook and its many great features. eWay-CRM can automatically monitor emails and add them to leads, projects and marketing jobs, so that the process becomes seamless and you can always see all the communications with a client from within your Outlook, even if the communication was sent or received by another member of your team. eWay also integrates into Word and Excel and provides a quick save to eWay-CRM button that allows quotes and proposals to be instantly added to eWay-CRM and assigned to a lead or project for everyone to access.

Offline Mode

Unlike most CRM systems, eWay-CRM allows your staff to work whether or not they have an internet connection. eWay-CRM holds an offline copy of your data on each computer and then synchronises any changes you make with the server when the computer has internet access again. This ensures that your team can quickly update information as soon as the meeting finishes and not several hours later when they get back to the office.

Amazing integration with Microsoft Outlook

eWay-CRM is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook and users benefit from the very close integration between these two applications. This integration brings many advantages:

  • A single workspace/application – e-mails, business cases, and projects all in one application.
  • No need to constantly switch between applications or even rewrite data from one application to another.
  • Due to a similar user intefrace users do not recognize the difference between Microsoft Outlook and eWay-CRM. They can work more efficiently.
  • Very user friendly. Easy to teach new users – familiar working methods with Microsoft Outlook do not need to change, everything in eWay-CRM is the same!

Sales leads under control

  • Real time information about current sales leads and opportunities (who is working on them, their status).
  • Client communication history input into the client contact section (you don’t have to rely on your employees’ memories).
  • Quotations, orders and other important documents are always to hand. The system can even request them itself.
  • Reminders for all important tasks and events.

Easy project management

  • Easy workflow definition. This tool allows management to define specific project templates for employees to follow and tracks all the key project phases.
  • Project journal in just a few clicks. You can easily read all news and step into the project.
  • Financial aspects of the project always to hand. We can integrate eWay-CRM with your accounting software and your sales managers will have information about overdue invoices or client turnover right on the customer detail page.
  • You no longer need to search for documentation in shared folders. It is on the project details page!

Reporting – Daily Feedback

eWay-CRM includes a report module along with pre-defined reports, such as:

  • Customer turnover and profitability.
  • Sales manager efficiency.
  • Project summaries.
  • Project profitability for the last 12 months
  • Work reports of all staff, etc

Instant IT Support

Let our engineers access your screen and resolve your IT issues with our online remote support and collaboration portal. You can install a client for permanent support, join a public session or start a new session...


NHS Scotland Supplier

Business telecoms solutions for surgeries, hospitals and medical centres. Resource Telecom can provide your practice or hospital with a quality business telecoms solution that is guaranteed to make communication with staff and patients a thing of ease...


Free System Evaluation

To keep up with the latest technology, improve your productivity and customer service, a free system audit and evaluation will help you make sure your communications are working harder for you. To arrange yours email or call us today on 08451 800 400


Our guarantee

All solutions provided by Resource Telecom are guaranteed to be future-proof; a great advantage to both public and private sector health firms who are looking to control their budget and gain a long-term asset.

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