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What is HDS (Hosted Desktop Services)?

It’s just like your normal computer except it is hosted in the cloud, meaning you can access it on practically all devices (PCs, Macs, tablets, iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones), from any internet enabled location!

With HDS you get exactly what you want, the Microsoft® Windows Desktop – without the large bill for expensive servers, hardware and constant renewing of software licenses. By handling all routine updates for you, this simple service allows you to concentrate on what you and your business do best.

Everyday computing is becoming a utility in the workplace – just like mobile phones, gas and electricity – and should therefore be treated as a simple subscription service. We harness the internet to deliver everyday computing, removing the need for traditional on premise / locally installed IT. No longer do business owners need an army of IT people to keep the PC lights on, instead their staff can focus on the businesses core activities!

24/7 Support

Ensuring you get the best service, our Hosted Desktop platform is supported 24/7

  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • Instant deployment
  • Enhanced security
  • No upgrade or repairs
  • Works on mobile devices
  • All you need is an internet connection
  • SaaS Model
  • No large up front costs

The great benefits of HDS

Save money – up to 40%

Removing downtime and expensive loss of productivity provides immediate savings and our customers report savings of between 25-40% compared with traditional IT. Think about that project of yours that could use these extra funds or how you could re-deploy staff to increase business efficiency.

Thinking of buying new computers?

With a Hosted Desktop you don’t need to keep replacing hardware to keep up with the demands of the latest software, you simply use the latest software within the Hosted Desktop on your existing device.

You will never have to throw away legacy equipment again! You can simply ‘repurpose’ old PCs into Thin Clients which will save your business money and internal IT support from having to constantly update hardware.

Alternatively Thin Clients can be used instead of buying new tower PCs, potentially saving up to £350 per seat. Thin clients also use up to 80% less energy than traditional PCs, helping to lower your electricity bill.

Manage cash flow effectively

As you only pay for what you use, you can establish clear fixed costs for budgeting. Move your IT spend from large, irregular one-off CAPEX payments to small, regular monthly OPEX payments, great for managing cash flow.

Mobile Working

With a Hosted Desktop your employees have full access to their desktop just like at work, with all their normal files and software from any internet enabled device.

Enable employees to work remotely. Work is stored to the cloud meaning even if the employee loses the device it doesn’t matter, company data is stored securely!

You remain in control of your data being able to revoke access to departing employees and can even restrict them from making local backups


Download more information on our Hosted Desktop Service here:

Instant IT Support

Let our engineers access your screen and resolve your IT issues with our online remote support and collaboration portal. You can install a client for permanent support, join a public session or start a new session...


NHS Scotland Supplier

Business telecoms solutions for surgeries, hospitals and medical centres. Resource Telecom can provide your practice or hospital with a quality business telecoms solution that is guaranteed to make communication with staff and patients a thing of ease...


Free System Evaluation

To keep up with the latest technology, improve your productivity and customer service, a free system audit and evaluation will help you make sure your communications are working harder for you. To arrange yours email or call us today on 08451 800 400


Our guarantee

All solutions provided by Resource Telecom are guaranteed to be future-proof; a great advantage to both public and private sector health firms who are looking to control their budget and gain a long-term asset.

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